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LED display module is basically used to consist of the entire LED display screen, and apparently, we can see two parts included – PCB and the shell to wrap it up, moreover, arrays of LED beads lay down by orders and arranged together according to the certain pattern, meanwhile, the resolution of protection level will be added to the entity. The performance of LED display modules has been improved by the innovative craft and technology, however, some points we can’t ignore to know before setting up LED walls.

The pixel pitch defined as the distance between two LED lamps that are printed into PCB to combine as an entity, it will mean the most important indication of LED display quality, and also technology has been evolved with the brightness, protection ability, longevity, and so on, especially for the screen design in the uncommon shapes, flexible LED module and silicon texture LED module could make it come true.

LED Display Module

Indoor LED Display Module

Front Maintenance, High Precise, High Grayscale, High Refresh, Light Thin

LED Display Module

Outdoor LED Display Module

Die casting shell & lock, Clean and clear on backside, High protection IP67

LED Display Module

Soft Flexible LED Display Module

Ultra-flexible, Customized Design, Such as Rolling, Bending, and Swing

LED Display

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