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Most of the most prominent commercially utilised screen displays is the LED Display. The most tangible advantage of the LED display is its reliability and low energy consumption, which is especially relevant for handhelds and portable devices such as smartphones and tablets. An LED display is comprised of multiple LED panels, each of which contains countless LEDs.

LEDs have a number of benefits over other light-emitting sources that could be employed replacement. LEDs not only save energy but also result in higher brilliance and light intensity. The vacuum fluorescent display used in some consumer devices such as car stereos, videocassette recorders, and so on is not anything like the LED Display, and the two should not be confused.

LED Display

Indoor LED Display

high resolution, high brightness, low power consumption

LED Display

Outdoor DIP LED Display

excellent flatness, super uniformity color and brightness and long viewing distance

LED Display

Outdoor SMD LED Display

UV against, high brightness, waterproof and dust proof

LED Display

Die-Cast Rental LED Display

thin & light weight design, flat & seamless screen surface

LED Display

Transparent LED Display

high transparency from 50% to 75%, high visibility even under direct sunlight

LED Display

Curtain LED Display

indoor use,for both rental and fixed installation application

LED Display

Perimeter LED Display

it’s favorable for sports live broadcast and commercial advertising

LED Display

Poster LED Display

avoid terrible maintenance, changing advertising become so easy

LED Display

Curve / Flexible LED Display

most of the curve led display projects are customized

LED Display

Floor LED Display

mainly used on events stage, night club, concerts, shows, etc.

LED Display

Road Signal LED Display

top quality level LEDs used, with strong stability and long lifetime

LED Display

Spherical LED Display

its shape is spherical and can provide a 360-degree viewing angle effect.

LED Display

Shelf LED Display

smart shelf screen sign is the world’s most innovation for shelf-edge displays

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fully programmable LED displays. perfect advertising solution.